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    Stop letting the feelings of stress and anxiety take over your life! Here’s THE solution that’ll have you feeling peace and calm in no time.

    If you don’t have a meditation practice, now’s the time to get started! It’s my #1 tool for finding emotional balance in my life. And it can be yours too!

    Inside this workbook you’ll find 6 different guided meditations that are less than 10 minutes. They’re PERFECT, especially if you’re just getting started!

    There’s also recommendations for how to have a successful practice as well as journal prompts to document your experience.

    So grab your copy now and give meditation a try. I promise it’ll bring more peace and calm to your life!

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    Tough Love For Sensitive Souls

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    Chronic illness
    Manage symptoms
    HSPs and autoimmune conditions

    Intuitive Advisor & Coach for Highly Sensitive People

    Hey darlin my name’s Diana Himes and I’m a highly sensitive person! I’ve learned how to embrace my sensitivities as the gifts they are. And I can teach you how to do the same thing. When you work with me, you’ll…

    • find your spirit and take charge of your life.
    • balance your emotions and not take things personally.
    • navigate everyday challenges with ease and grace.
    • appreciate you and what makes you who you are.
    • live life on your terms regardless of what others think.
    • be grateful for all the things you have in your life.
    • feel seen, heard, and understood by those around you.
    • set boundaries with family and friends.

    Being a highly sensitive person is a strength, not a weakness. There’s a reason why you’re more sensitive than most, I can help you find out what it is!