Do you agree that change isn’t easy? Would you say it can be very hard? And scary? I get it! But you know what? There’s almost always something really good that happens when you welcome change in your life.

I say that with certainty because I believe if you’re willing to getting out of your comfort zone, there isn’t anything you can’t do! You either succeed at what you’re doing or you learn from it. And both of those options are good things.

In this episode, you’ll learn about making a commitment to yourself for doing things differently in your life. Any why it’s important!

Before I made the choice to embrace change in my life, I lived for everyone else. I felt taken advantage of and misunderstood. The more I lived this way, the deeper I fell into depression. And the harder it was to get out of the dark hole I was falling into!

Once I hit the bottom, I found a life-line that gave me the courage and strength to climb out of the hole. Small steps forward helped me reach the top! That’s because I made a commitment to myself to welcome change by getting out of my comfort zone.

I’m thrilled you’re here! And if you’re curious, you can check out more of my story here.


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Thriving as a highly sensitive person

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