You must have faith

This is a tough one because everybody has their own interpretation of what faith means to them. You have faith in what’s important to you and I have it in things that are important to me. There’s times where we have faith in the same thing like our family, friends, careers, and community. So…what does it mean to have faith? If you ask 10 people that question, chances are you’ll get 10 different answers. I think it comes down to this:

Faith is the belief and trust you have in something EVEN when there’s no proof to support it.

If someone is hurt, you have faith that they’ll get better. You accept a job offer because you have faith that you’ll get everything you want from it. You make a commitment to a life partner when you have faith that you’ll live a happy life. 

What About Faith In Yourself?

When it comes to achieving your dream or heart’s desire, how much faith do you have that you can achieve it? If it’s less than 100%, you’re missing out. You were born with everything you need to achieve the things you want in life. It’s when life knocks you down that you lose a little bit of faith in yourself. Over time, the more life knocks you down, the less faith you have. Here’s how you can pick yourself back up…

What About Faith in Something Bigger Than Yourself?

This is where it gets tricky! Having faith in something that we can’t see or touch is hard but very necessary. When you believe in something greater than yourself (whether it’s God, Buddha, Spirits, Guides, Angels, Universe or whatever you call it), you have the love and support to be successful. Think about it this way…your favorite singer can’t put on an awesome live show or create a fabulous album without help. Right? She’s surrounded by people who love and support her (fans, employees, family, and confidants) so she can be the best she can be. 

The only difference between you and your favorite singer, is faith. Do you think she’d be as successful if she didn’t have faith in something bigger than her? How many times do you think she failed before she achieved her dreams? Did she give up because she failed? No she didn’t. And neither should you! Everything you want and dream of is figureoutable as long as you have faith. Oh yea…you need to give up control too!! 

What Do You Mean I Have To Give Up Control? 

How do you get what you want if you don’t have a plan and control every aspect of it? Yes I know this is how we’ve been taught to get what we want. So let me ask you this, has it worked out for you? I’m assuming since you’re here it hasn’t. Or it’s still a work in progress. When you give up control, you get so much more in return. Think about it from this perspective…

Interesting stuff, right? I think so and I can honestly tell you that it works. The proof is this website. Over the years I’ve tried this thing or that thing so I could be my own boss. I’d come up with a plan, get everything I thought I needed in place, and do what I could to make it a success. Needless to say I failed every time.

Why? Because I didn’t have faith in myself or a higher power. As soon as I released control and accepted guidance from the Universe, things started to change. I’m focused on what I want and have faith that what I need for success will come to me. The way I look at it if I don’t win, I learn. If I fail along the way, I’ll brush myself off, figure out what I learned, ask the Universe for help, and then wait for the next idea to come. 

In what ways have you found faith in yourself or something bigger than you? Share your ideas and thoughts below. We’re only open to new things if we know about them! 

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