Bring more happiness and joy to your life

Do you agree that finding joy and happiness everyday takes work? Let me ask another question…do you want to work harder or smarter? With family, work, and social obligations working smart is the ONLY thing you can do. The good thing is, finding more happiness and joy is easier than you think! 

Instantly bring a sense of calm to any situation by taking deep breaths. Do this BEFORE you do anything else in an uncomfortable situation. Slowly count to 10 and give yourself an opportunity to think about what happens next. 

It’s Your Choice, What Are YOU Going To Do With It?

You have 2 choices, worry about it or think about your happy place. Worrying only invites fear and FEAR IS NOT what you want to feel! Instead WELCOME thoughts about your happy place. How do you feel when you’re at your happy place? What memories of joy does it bring to your mind? Focus on those things and you’ll quickly find what you need at that moment.

Practice Doesn’t Necessarily Make Perfect

This is not a “One and Done” solution, you MUST practice. The goal isn’t to be perfect, it’s to make a commitment!

You’ll feel better and work smarter when you make the commitment to feel happiness. Not only will YOU be happier, those around you will feel it to. You have the POWER to spread joy! Just make the commitment to practice everyday and have faith in yourself. The rest will fall into place! Remember…good feeling thoughts bring good feeling experiences. 

When you’re ready, type “I’m committed” in the comments. Then get started. And remember, you’re not alone!

Be more of who you are

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