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As human beings, we all have feelings and emotions. And I believe everyone strives for happiness and joy everyday. Do you? Unfortunately life happens! Feelings fear, sadness, grief, and disappointment reminds us of that all the time. It’s what you do with these feelings that either hurts or heals you.

Holding on to negative feelings or emotions and not expressing them, hurts you. They make you feel less than who you really are. If you TRULY want to achieve happiness, you must practice good feeling thoughts. And one of the best ways to do that is to write in a journal.

Why Journaling Is Good For You

Here’s 3 AWESOME reasons why you should journal everyday!

  • When you write down how you feel and the emotions you have, you’re releasing them. Think of it as clearing out space in your mind for the good stuff. No, it doesn’t get rid of the thing that triggered your feelings. But it gives you an opportunity to look at it from a different perspective. 
  • Once you release those nasty feelings in your journal, express gratitude for them AND what caused them. I know that sounds CRAZY, just do it. When you do, you’re more aware of what provoked them. And you’ll learn the lesson they’re trying to teach you. Oh…don’t forget to write down that lesson so you have it for the future!
  • Journaling isn’t just for the bad things, you should write down your good feelings and emotions too. Expressing what you’re grateful for (and the feelings you have about it) is a great way to start a journal entry. You’ll start to see a pattern in your writing of things that make you feel good. These are the nuggets of joy that’ll quickly turn a negative feeling thought into a positive one.

Remember…to truly achieve happiness, you must practice good feeling thoughts! You release negative thoughts when you journal to make more room for the positive ones.

How to Dive Deeper into Your Feelings

To get at the root of a feeling that keeps coming up time and time again, you must dive deeper. If you do nothing about what’s triggering that feeling, it’ll stay with you until YOU do something about it. Think about it this way…your dog has to go outside. How many times will she pester you until you take her out? What about when the baby is crying? It’s the same thing! 

This is where Stream of Consciousness writing comes into play. If you meditate, this term is probably familiar to you. If not, check this out.

Cool stuff, right? I use this writing style for things that “keep coming up.” I cry each time I’m writing. And REALLY look closely at what I’ve been avoiding. It’s therapeutic and I feel so much better when I’m done. 

You don’t need a fancy journal to get started. Just find a notebook and begin writing. Need some prompts that’ll inspire you? Here’s one I use. If you start with what you’re grateful for, the rest will come. Write something EVERYDAY! Before you know it, you’ll be writing more good things than bad. Get started now…what’re you grateful for today? 

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