When it comes to making yourself a priority in your life, it helps to know some things about who you are. That way you can discover what makes you happy and brings joy to your life. Life’s too short and every minute of it is precious. Take a few minutes now and explore these 3 powerful tools to learn more about what makes you, you! 

Learn why you do things the way you do

Nothing says self-love louder than spending time getting to know yourself better. Recognizing who you are and why you do things a certain way helps you identify your strengths. You’ll also find out more about the challenges you may face. This information gives you insight into what’s possible.

Throughout my life, I’ve taken several different personality tests and none of them were as accurate as 16 Personalities. Their 10 minute quiz gave me some of the most authentic details about me and it’s FREE to take. Not only will you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll get info related to your relationships and career as well!

Your greatest sources of strength

Build on what you learned about your personality with the StandOut® assessment. This FREE test identifies the top 2 roles that represent how others see you. These are what make you unique and help you put your best foot forward.

Once you know your roles, you’ll discover your most powerful traits and how to describe them to others. You’ll also learn…

  • about your ideal career.
  • how to make an immediate impact.
  • how to take your performance to the next level.
  • what to watch out for.
  • how to win as a leader or manager.
  • how to win in client services.
  • how to win in sales.

Let your numerology chart guide you

Numerology uses numbers to identify many fascinating things about who you are.  Based on your date of birth and the full name you were born with, you’ll discover the numerical patterns that influence your life. You’ll also get a deeper dive into your hidden strengths and desires. 

Here’s a FREE numerology calculator that’ll give you details about your life path, expression or destiny, personality, soul urge or heart’s desire, and birth day numbers. These help you discover your purpose and the personality traits that make you who you are. With this information, you’ll be able to navigate every day life with more ease, success, and happiness!

I’ve used all of these sites as tools to get to know myself better. For so many years, I’ve lived for others and put their needs before my own. Now I’m making myself a priority in my life and getting to know me. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done for myself and my family.

Have fun exploring the unique you with these powerful tools!

Thriving as a highly sensitive person

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